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Accurate was on the receiving end of a 17% price increase from our supplier last year. We made the decision not to increase prices for 2020 and shifted our focus to best serve the needs of our customers during these unsteady times.

We took a hard look at how we could continue so that you, our loyal consumers, would not bear the full brunt of these rising costs that have been imposed on us. The 2021 price increase of 5% for our price line, which will go into effect beginning April 15th, 2021, will allow us to minimally adjust costs caused by the continuing increase of raw materials, packaging, transportation, and labor.

We value your business and thank you for your continued support during our transition. We all have been through a lot this past year and are looking forward to your continued partnership while navigating through these unprecedented times. We believe that our use of the most advanced technologies in the market, productivity rate, and dedicated staff provide the necessary ingredients for our continued, mutual growth and success.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at 13559258436(

All orders received and shipped prior to end of Dce,2021 will receive the current pricing.